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Eat Fat to Loose Fat!
Skimping on Breakfast can backfire your Fat Loss!


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Eat Fat to Loose Fat!

I saw this blog  on and had to share it.

Yes, you heard right… eating fat can help you loose that belly fat.

Avocados contain the right kind of healthy fats that can help you get lean, healthy and strong.
With a smooth and creamy texture, avocados have aptly earned the nickname the “butter pear.” But don’t let their misleading moniker fool you into thinking that avocados are too rich to be a regular part of your clean eating diet. The truth is, this nutrient-packed (though fatty) fruit works wonders for your waistline and nearly every other part of your body, too.

Skimping on Breakfast can backfire your Fat Loss!

I saw this on and thought I should share it with you.
Skimping on Breakfast can backfire your Fat Loss!

You Skimp on Breakfast. Whether you're a coffee only person or you eat a light bar in the mornings, you are pretty much guaranteeing fat gain! Maybe you are somewhat conscious that eating in the mornings is vital for fat loss, you might still be causing a delay in your results. How so?Well, you know it's important to eat a morning meal to jump-start metabolism, but if you're not eating enough you won't reap this benefit.
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