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Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture System™
Reduce Wrinkles ~ Firmer Skin and Jaw Line
Improve Skin Condition ~ Look Younger
The  Mei Zen  Cosmetic  Acupuncture  System™  is  based  on  Traditional  Chinese  Medicine.  It improves your health  and  energy  as it helps  "turn  back  the clock". Mei Zen Cosmetic
Acupuncture  System™ is  an  exiting  alternative  to   plastic  surgery and  potentialy unhealthy  "non-invasive" techniques.
This method uses an ancient needling technique that is very superficial  and  it  can   increase  and  improve  production   of   collagen   and   elastin.  We  also  use acupuncture point  selection on the body to complete the balancing of  energy.  The result  is an  overall  rejuvenating effect of body, mind     and spirit.
Your diet,  lifestyle and skincare  will also be evaluated and addressed.
General health benifits include improvement for mild anxiety,  hot  flashes,  depression,  digestive  symptoms and insomnia.
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This video is of the mei zen technique. It includes anti-aging acupuncture.
Discover  Mei  Zen  cosmetic  acupunture  and  find the beauty secrets used by  Asian nobility for thousands of years. Now you can harness this time-honored wisdom to reclaim a radiant and youthful appearance.  Reverse the  aging process naturally. No cosmetic   surgery  face lifts,   Botox, or anti-aging skin creams needed to achieve  beautiful skin.
The non-surgical  Mei Zen  cosmetic acupuncture procedure is a holistic,natural and comprehensive anti-aging program designed to restore, rejuvenate and relax. Drawn from the  ancient texts  of  Chinese   medicine,  the  Mei   Zen  cosmetic   acupuncture is a relatively painless,  natural technique. Small, less than hair-width acupuncture needles are placed in a precise configuration  just  under  the  skin's  surface  to  stimulate  the production  of  collagen  and elastin.  It  is an  excellent  natural alternative to a cosmetic surgery, face lift and botox treatments
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