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Allergy Solutions
NAET for the Entire Family  
NAET  is a non-invasive, natural and  painless way to rid
yourself from allergies that are keeping you from being
the  healthy  person  you  want  to be.  NAET  combines
techniques used in acupuncture, chiropractic,nutrition
and kinesiology.  NAET  works where  other  traditional
western    medicines   have    failed   because   western
medicine treats the symptoms of  allergies where NAET
focuses on  the  cause  and  correction  of  the  allergic
reaction. Not  only does  NAET  help with allergies, but
 it  can  also  work  for  children  with   ADD/ADHD  and autism. Here at Garnier Med Spa, we are ready to assist you in  the  process  of  improving  your  health as  you desensitize yourself from your allergens.
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This video shows the NAET technique, how it works and patient testemonials.
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This video shows an Interview about NAET as a highly effective treatment regimen to help eliminate allergies.
 Frequently Asked Questions about NAET
   (From Nambudripad, Dr. Devi, Say goodbye to Illness. California. 1993)
Q. "Do you mean that allergies can cause real illness?"
A.They certainly can! When a virus attacks, an amazing defense mechanism goes into action. The struggle to rid the body of the invading virus we recognize as the symptoms of illness, such as fever, coughing, aches, vomiting, fatigue, etc. These are, in fact, signals of the battle that is going on inside the body as it tries to throw off the invading toxins-producing virus. Untreated, the symptoms increase with serious results. Similarly, continuous contact with an allergen produces toxins in the body, causing similar reactions to occur. An undiagnosed or undetected allergic condition will produce conditions that are equally serious. Many times the allergic reactions produce symptoms that mimic other conditions. Respiratory problems like bronchitis, pneumonia, and asthma, circulatory problems like chest muscle pains, poor circulation, rapid heartbeats, heart irregularities, gastrointestinal problems like indigestion, acute abdominal pains, acute appendicitis, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and ulcers, genito-urinary problems like kidney and bladder infections, prostate troubles, pre-menstrual syndromes and post menstrual disorders, impotency, infertility, musculo-skeletal problems like unexplained pains anywhere in the body, various types of headaches, backaches, arthritis, restless leg syndrome, brain symptoms like brain fog, depression, anger, attention-deficit disorders, hyperactivity, learning disorders, skin problems like eczema, boils, slow healing wounds, environmental reactions like multiple chemical sensitivity, allergy to pollens, perfumes, animal dander, carpets, building materials, etc .... just about any health condition could be merely a symptom of underlying allergies. If such conditions are not diagnosed correctly, the patient may receive a treatment procedure that may further complicate the patient's condition.
Q. "What is going on, Doctor? One minute I feel fine and the next minute, I feel terrible."
A.If the statistics are true, this question is asked by more than 50% of the people who enter their doctors' offices as patients seeking answers to the misery of allergic reactions to what they inhale, ingest or contact in their environments every day. If you find yourself in this select group, you know the frustration and hopelessness your condition has produced. The lucky patients have isolated the specific allergen and are avoiding it, but for the unlucky, the allergen either cannot be avoided without complete isolation, or it remains undiagnosed, resulting in severe and chronic ailments.
Q. "Then my symptoms are real? I'm not just imagining them?"
A.No. You are not imagining them. Allergies in their mildest forms are merely nuisances. But for some people, accidental contact with an allergen can produce terrifying toxins in the body that result in clearly diagnosed illness just as though that person had taken a poison. Diagnosis for either is not easy, but the milder the complaint, the harder it is for the patent to get good treatment. For instance, how do you treat a person for "feeling out of sorts, for a slight loss of memory, for a slight but persistent sore throat or cough, for a nagging, dull headache that does not respond to pain medications, for a persistent backache or a tingling feeling in the arms and hands that cannot be diagnosed by a neurologist?" Some of these unfortunate people have seen their physicians so many times that they cannot tell you how many times they have been ignored, diagnosed as suffering from a "nervous disorder" or been labeled a hypochondriac. 
Q. "What are allergies?"
A. Medical scientists are still researching to find the exact cause and nature of allergies, but may not have all the answers for years to come. From a  Western medical point of view, allergy is an over-reaction by the immune system. In NAET®, allergies are viewed from a holistic perspective, based on Oriental Medical principles. An allergy is a condition of unusual sensitivity of one person to one or more substances which may be harmless to the majority of other individuals. In the allergic person, the allergic substance, known as an allergen, is viewed by the brain as a threat to the body's wellbeing. Therefore, for our purposes, an allergy is defined in terms of what a substance does to the energy flow in the body. When contact is made with an allergen, it causes blockages in the energy pathways called meridians, or we can say, it disrupts the normal flow of energy through the body's electrical circuits. This energy blockage causes interference in communication between the brain and body via the nervous system. This blocked energy flow is the first step in a chain of events which can develop into an allergic response. Allergies are the result of energy imbalances in the body, leading to a diminished state of health in one or more organ system. 
Q. "How do I discover and treat my allergies?"
A.Conventional Western medical tests for allergies are several. Some of them are the "Intra-dermal test," "patch test," "scratch test," and various other blood tests such as the RAST test and the ELIZA test, which can identify dozens of allergens from one test or from one blood sample. In most cases, patients must have had previous exposures to the allergen to get an accurate result. Up until recently, there has been no satisfactory method for treating a person's allergies. Desensitization using injections of allergenic substances over a period of months, or even years, has been the standard approach used by medical allergists. This approach is effective in some people for some allergies, but in many it does not do the job, especially with food allergies. Another standard treatment is using drugs, either antihistamines or drugs like Claritin or steroids to control allergic symptoms. Unfortunately, this does not correct the underlying problem, and often has serious long term side effects. The most effective treatment option until now has been complete avoidance of the offending allergen(s). This can be difficult at best, and impossible in some cases. Now however, there is an alternative. 
Q. "Traditional allergy testing and treatments sound painful and expensive and don't seem to deal with the real problem, the allergy. How can I get rid of my allergies once and for all?"
A.Now We Have N.A.E.T. Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique is a truly revolutionary system for dealing with allergies... one of the most stubborn health problems facing mankind today. It is a natural, drugless, painless and non-invasive method which can be used safely on individuals of any age (infants to the elderly) and regardless of the individuals health. Allergies can be eliminated through N.A.E.T., along with the symptoms arising from the allergens. Allergens are cleared (treated) one at a time with this technique, and best results are obtained if allergens are cleared in a specific sequence. Normally only one item is treated on a given day. The substance must then be completely avoided for 25 hours following the treatment. In most cases, that's all it takes... one session to eliminate an allergy. Individuals who are highly sensitive may sometimes require additional combination clearings. 
Q. "Do you mean there is a treatment for my health problems?"
A.Yes. At last there is freedom from allergies and ailments arising from allergies. Dr. Nambudripad's knowledge in Eastern and Western medicine gave her the insights and guided her into the discovery of this unique treatment to overcome her own serious allergic reactions to foods. Her own story is an amazing one, which is appropriate for the discoverer/developer of such a revolutionary technique. She tells her story in the book, Say Good-bye To Illness. It contains fascinating case histories of various health disorders, as well as some of the theoretical basis for the technique and her story of its discovery. It is recommended reading for anyone wanting to find relief from their allergies, and for anyone with a chronic health problem large or small. People fly to Southern California from all over the world to be treated by Dr. Nambudripad with NAET®. Now it is available to you in your hometown, because Dr. Nambudripad has trained thousands of doctors of acupuncture, allopathy, chiropractic and various other licensed medical practitioners in her allergy elimination treatment method. More and more doctors are being trained through her regular training seminars. 
Q. "Do I really need to avoid allergens for 25 hours after treatment?"
A. We receive numerous inquiries about the "25 hour avoidance" of the allergen after the NAET® treatment. As mentioned in the guide book, some patients may get through the treatment sooner, but the patient still should avoid the allergen for 25 hours if possible. In our experience, patients who observe the "25 hour avoidance" receive maximum benefit from the treatment. 
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